Mt. Sirung

Information on the trek to Mt. Sirung on Pantar Island

Accommodation on Serani Beach, Hirang, Alor Island - Beach Bungalows 

There is newly-built accommodation on Serani Beach near Hirang village: bungalows in traditional style.

Rate: 290,000 rupiah/night/person, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner

There is clean fresh water from a newly-built draw well for showers.

From Hirang, you can take a (chartered) boat to Beang or Darang on Pantar Island and hike up to Mt. Sirung Crater.

If you want to dive, Air Dive Alor will pick you up for the diving (minimum 4 divers).

Mobile: +4368110344110 (Walter Denzel; English, WhatsApp)







Alor and Pantar Islands 



 (Photo by Jirka Hruška -  MOTOTRIP.ASIA)


Lingal Beach - 30 minutes by boat to the south of

Hirang Beach Bungalows (photo courtesy of Vivind)



How to get there

Serani Beach is located near Hirang village on the south-west coast of Alor Island. There is a public boat from Kalabahi, the PM Wiwana. It leaves around 07:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is the boat that goes to Halerman and Buraga.

The Wiwana goes back to Kalabahi on Mondays and Thursdays.

You can also charter a private boat. There is such a boat in Hirang so you can get away from there any time you want. Find the location on Google Maps:

Location on Google Maps


Yes, I want to support the children of Hirang village (school things, books, laptops etc.):





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