Mt. Sirung

Information on the trek to Mt. Sirung on Pantar Island

Beang Village

Beang Bay, a natural harbour


Beang Village in Beang Bay (2012)

Beang is located in a big bay on the south-east coast of the island,  at the foot of Mt. Sirung volcano.

The (black) beach in Beang Bay is very interesting indeed. There is a hot spring with a pool, and on the shoreline, even underwater, there are spots where you burn your feet - hot water and gas bubble up from the volcanic underground.

Find Beang Bay in the right of the aerial view of Mt. Sirung on the following WIKIPEDIA page:





Newly built jetty in Beang Bay (2013)



Getting to Beang and away

From Kalabahi (Alor) to Beang

The boat to Beang, Koliabang, and Puntaru ("Sands of Three Colours") on Pantar Island, leaves from Kalabahi at 07:00 a.m. on Mondays and Fridays, going back on Tuesdays and Saturdays respectively (for times of departure ask in the villages).



Public boat serving the route Kalabahi - Beang -

Koliabang - Puntaru


Accommodation in Beang

John, the "kepala dusun" of Beang at the

hot spring


In Beang there is no guest house or hotel, but you can stay at John's, the head of the village's house. John will be happy to put you up for a few nights.

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